Keturah Ariel (Columbus, Ohio)


Keturah Ariel is a very talented artist whose art has a focus on beautiful, natural hair, particularly  with People of Color. Check out her reasons for doing so and more in her interview below:

1.)What made you decide to become an artist?

I am an artist because I have always been able to draw better than I could talk. Lol, funny but true.

2.)Is there anything or anyone that influences the direction of your work?

Current events and my life experiences will always directly correlate with the work I produce.

Lately I’ve been finding interesting ways to connect the past with the present and I think that will always be important to pay homage to people, cultures, and the things that inspire me.

3.)Your art seems to have an Afrocentric vibe, especially the ones showcasing women with amazing natural hair. Why did you decide to make the focus on natural hair one of your distinct styles?

I love natural hair, always have….even when my hair was relaxed I would draw afros constantly.

There’s something extremely powerful and beautiful about textured hair and I absolutely love to capture it an any way possible.

Drawing/painting black people will always be important to me because I want there to be positive representations of us in the world and I am grateful that I can showcase that in my art.


4.)What is the significance of the slogan “Make Art Not War” to you and what understanding would you like people to gain from it?

It’s a message of peace.

I’m a very non-violent person. I don’t understand war, the idea of it just seems very barbaric and inhumane to me, it always has.

I’m an optimist, I have always had the belief that people can be changed for the better. That love can change people, that art inspired by love can change people.

Make ART Not War

5.)What would you say is your long-term vision for yourself and your brand?

I feel like there’s a void of POC(People of Color) themed imagery in the world.

My long-term goal is to be one of those people who helps fill that void.

6.)When it’s all said and done,what creative aspects of your work would you like to be remembered for?

That I followed my heART.


You can follow Keturah on her Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

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